National Flood Insurance Program recommends the following tips:

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Flood Buckets Available for Pickup for Individuals


Organization: First United Methodist Church (Gonzalez)

Address: 224 West Constitution Street, Gonzales, LA 70707

Contact #: 225-647-4678

Updated: 8/18/16


Organization: First United Methodist Church Baton Rouge

Address: 930 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Contact #: 225-383-4777...

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Transitional Sheltering Assistance


FEMA opened TSA (Transitional Sheltering Assistance) program on 8/18/16. FEMA may provide TSA to

eligible disaster survivors who have a continuing need for shelter after the congregate shelters have

closed because they are unable to return to their homes for an extended period of time. This initiative is

intended to provide short-term lodging for eligible disaster survivors whose...

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CAUW is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Ralph Bender is the 2015-2016 Chairman of the Board, and this post is his reflection of the last year and opportunities for the future.

I have been a volunteer with United Way, off and on, for probably 20+ years (with some breaks).  This is...

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Meet Emerald and Simone, Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) Team Leaders, who will be spending this summer with young volunteers facilitating and planning projects.  

Emerald has been involved with the YVC program since 2008, when her mom gave her no other choice but to volunteer.  Although her volunteer service started as more of a chore, she quickly fell in love with her community and continued...

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This is a guest post from a Program Investment Volunteer who evaluated programs in the Immediate Relief of Basic Needs strategy in the Basic Needs focus area.  You can see all strategies in Basic Needs by clicking here.

My name is Ed, and I have been a Community Investment volunteer with Capital Area United Way since September 2015.   My real journey with CAUW actually began...

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