FamilyWize is Now SingleCare!

For the last several years, FamilyWize has been a partner with United Way, offering discounts on prescription drugs through various pharmacies in our area. 


Recently, FamilyWize merged with SingleCare, a national organization that works in the same way -  to improve people's lives by providing access to affordable prescription medications. 


The impact to our local 10-Parish service area will only continue to grow on the success we experienced with FamilyWize in the previous fiscal year. From July 2019 -  June 2020, FamilyWize served 4,642 individuals, saving them $289,554!


Top prescription types included Mental Health (19.5%); Heart Disease (16.9%); Allergy and Asthma (11.9%); and, Diabetes (10.7%). 


Now, through SingleCare, the impact has potential to grow! Much like FamilyWize, SingleCare is FREE to use by everyone -  all you have to do is show the card to a pharmacist. Over 10,000 prescriptions qualify for up to 80% savings and is accepted at pharmacy chains like Walgreens, Walmart, Albertsons, and CVS. 


Another great perk of this program is that it doesn't take into account whether or not you have insurance -  you can use it no matter your situation, and it can be used an unlimited amount of times! For additional savings, you can sign up at


Homebound and can't travel to get your medicines? Great news! SingleCare offers a home delivery option through GeniusRx - including free shipping! You can find information on home delivery at


Have a pet that requires medication? You can use SingleCare for their medications as well!


Lastly, SingleCare has a loyalty program! When you initially sign-up/register, you will receive $5 immediately that will apply to your first prescription refill. Afterwards, any time you refill an eligible prescription, you will earn $1 that will be placed on your account for use whenever you choose!


To look up a price, you can visit and scroll down to the price look-up tool! For more information or to obtain cards, you can contact Kristi Kron at

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