Staff Directory


Bell, George - President and Chief Executive Officer
Mitchell, Judy - Executive Assistant
Phillips, Rosalind - Receptionist/Administrative Assistant


Stoute, Brandon - Senior Director, Finance
Thomas, Alicia -  Senior Finance Manager, Accounts Payable
Waldrop, Peggy - Finance Manager, Accounts Receivable

Communications & Marketing

Benzine, Bryce - Communications & Marketing Manager
Montagnino, Ashley - Senior Communications & Marketing Manager

Community Impact

Addison, Edy - Director, Community Impact and Initiatives
Hurst, Delores - Director of Community Impact, Income Stability
Hutson, John - Community Impact Manager, 211
Kron, Kristi - Community Impact Manager

Pritchett, Katie - Senior Vice President, Impact and Operations

Resource Development 

Crousillac, Amey Shortess - Vice President, Resource Development
Drake, Diane - Senior Corporate Relationship Manager
Mangum, Robin - Corporate Relationship Manager
McDermott, Ashley - Director of Workplace Campaigns