Addressing the direst need | 1 Volunteer's Perspective

This is a guest post from a Program Investment Volunteer who evaluated programs in the Health focus area, specifically the Treatment and Management strategy.  These programs provide identification, treatment and management of mental, physical and dental health.  These services should be designed to not only screen and assess for issues, but also to provide the treatment and management needed for continued health and wellness. You can see all strategies in Health by clicking here.

Q:   How long have you been a volunteer with CAUW and how did you get started?

A:  I became a United Way volunteer in 2014.  I’ve always been active in the non profit sector and served as a Program Officer for a foundation prior to my current position.  When I relocated to Baton Rouge I worked with my employers’ foundation to get engaged locally.  They graciously connected me with CAUW!  It’s been a privilege to serve.

Q:  Why did you want to give your time to help with this process?

A:  It’s difficult to make decisions about who gets funding, but it is a joy to hear about all of the great work people are doing to help others and make the Capital Area stronger.

Q:  How will the community be better off because of the volunteers’ work in this process?

A:  Resources are unfortunately very limited for community based projects.  Everyone has great ideas, but you need objective people who can review a program and determine the return on investment to the community.  We are helping to identify projects that address the direst need in the most efficient manner, while looking to new organizations that are successfully implementing innovative programs that are showing measured success. 

Q:  What is the number one thing you want the community to know about this process?

A:  The process is difficult and time consuming.  It is very hard to select a few programs when the need is so large.  The volunteers commit substantial amounts of time to selecting solid programs that make an impact and monitor those programs to ensure sound investment of the communities’ dollars.  

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