We want to help build happier, more balanced lives through health living.

Strategies for Achieving Impact


Education and Prevention

Capital Area United Way will invest in programs that educate individuals about the knowledge and behaviors necessary for living a healthy life, that provide awareness and outrerach to populations about health issues, and that screen individuals to provide them a base level of understanding about their current health situation.

Treatment and Management

Capital Area United Way will invest in programs that provide identification, treatment and management of mental, physical and dental health.  These services should be designed to not only screen and assess for issues, but also to provide the treatment and management needed for continued health and wellness.

Metrics for Success

Each program funded under these strategies will report metrics based on the results based accountability framework.  The framework answers the following questions in each category:

How much did we do?

How well did we do it?

How many are better off?

How are they better of off?

Click here to download the RBA frameworks for Health.