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Women United Again

Ways To Join Women United

You can join Women United by becoming a leadership donor of Capital Area United Way through the Gottlieb Society, Tocqueville Society, or by participating in the Step-Up Program.


Ways To Give To Capital Area United Way:

- You can give through payroll donations at $83.50 per month when giving $1k annually, if available through your company
- You can visit www.cauw.org/donate and select recurring or annual payments; in the other section, write "Women United" 
Mail a check to CAUW, 700 Laurel St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802, in the memo section, write "Women United"
- Participate in the Step-Up Program for NEW Members 


Step-Up Program Breakdown

During years 1 & 2 of the Step-Up Program, you will be able to volunteer with our members and join subcommittees for direct involvement in the planning and execution of events and volunteer opportunities. In year 3 and/or once you become a Gottileb Society or Tocqueville Society member, you will also be invited to additional social networking events, community events, receive a VIP pass to Jambalaya Jam, and become eligible to sit on the Executive Committee. 
                  NEW Members only can join the 3-Year Step-Up Program 

                  Year 1:          Donate $500 annually or $42.00 monthly
                  Year 2:          Donate $750 annually or $62.50 monthly
                  Year 3:          Donate at the Gottlieb Level (gifts of $1,000+) annually or $83.50 monthly

                  Step-Up Program Payment Options:

                 1. Visit www.cauw.org/donate and select recurring or annual payment in other section write Women United Step-Up
                 2. Mail a check to CAUW, 700 Laurel St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Women United Step-Up

For any questions about Women United, please contact Emily Boudreaux, Corporate Relationship Manager, at emilyb@cauw.org


 View The 2024 Women United Awardees & Event Program Here

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Renae Skinner, Amey Shortess Crousillac, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome, Barbara Beckmann, Donna Saurage, Terri-Newby Mearidy, Kacy Edwards, Julie Scott, Adrian Owen Jones, Laura Thomas



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