Silver Anniversary Celebration-Judy Mitchell Reflects on 25 Years at Capital Area United Way

This past January, Judy Mitchell, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, celebrated 25 years of service at Capital Area United Way. 

Since her first day on January 9, 1995, Judy has continued to admire the spirit of her colleagues at Capital Area United Way.

“Everyone made me feel comfortable and at home,” said Mitchell. “I have worked in a variety of fields in my lifetime beginning with 

summer jobs during my high school freshman year and including an Oil company, attorney and bank institution to name a few.  Capital Area United Way was my first nonprofit experience.  I have remained with the organization because of the work that we do and the help we provide to our community.”

With such a small staff, Judy says she loves the atmosphere, “I have worked with large groups and it is so hard to get to know your colleagues. The small staff allows more opportunity to get to know and appreciate each other and the gifts we each possess.”

Judy also believes in the mission or the organization, to improve lives by leveraging partnerships in our community to advance the common good through education, income stability and healthy living, because it allows for everyone to help in some way.  “We leverage partnerships for the common good and everyone knows someone that can help in some type of way whether it is a donation, volunteering or gift of talent,” said Judy.  “All of these help to move the needle in the right direction.”

Her time at United Way has allowed for several great moments, but two in particular stuck out to her:

  • Former colleagues that continue to return and call to see how things are going and check on the well-being of others that are still here.  It’s great to see friendships continue even if you move on to other things. I also love running into them at CAUW events demonstrating their continued support of the organization.

  • Meeting an ExxonMobil employee I had worked with over the years just prior to her retirement.  She actually came by the office to meet me.  We worked so well together over the years and had to meet each other in person.

As for what she would change? She says absolutely nothing.

“Honestly, I would not change a thing – No everything in my life has been perfect in my eyesight or the sight of others I am sure.  In my years on this earth plane I have learned that everything that has happened in my life, the so called good, bad, the ugly, the hurt, loss and pain has all been to bring me to this point in my life and I must say I am happy now for all the experiences thus far.  I know as long as I am here I will be learning more about my heavenly father his purpose and his infinite wisdom as he allows.  I am not prepared but I know if I look to him ALL will be well.”

Where does she see herself in five years? Still working with CAUW and making impact within our community; although, she hopes to go back to her favorite place, Los Angeles, and take that dream vacation to Greece.

We are happy Judy is on the team to continue helping us LIVE UNITED!