Real Time Data, Real Time Analytics: Vinformatix partners with Capital Area United Way

Meet Keith Toussant, Director of Analytics at Vinformatix who when not chipping away at numbers enjoys running, lifting weights, and spending time with family and friends.  Currently, he is poring over data received from 211 calls to provide real-time analytics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vinformatix, a Baton Rouge based company, is a technology service firm that assists clients in solving a range of complex problems through custom software & web-based solutions, data management and data analytics.  “In the midst of this Global Pandemic (COVID-19) rippling through our state, we realized that there was immense need to deploy our knowledge and capabilities where they would be needed most, our local communities.” said Keith.   Vinformatix wanted to give back, so they reached out to Capital Area United Way to brainstorm how as a software and data analytics company they could assist the community.  Thus, the idea of providing analytics insights of 211 calls through data visualizations such as heat maps, dashboards and charts/figures was born!

This project will help identify high need locations based on call volume, reasons for the calls and collective resources that are provided by call specialists. In return, this will help the 211 call center to better respond to needs in the future.  This data is also important for local and state officials to know where resources and aid are needed.   “Not only are we looking at resource information, but we are also uncovering hidden patterns and trends in 211 calls that otherwise would go undetected” said Toussant.  “This project will hopefully increase awareness of the power of data analytics in times of crisis, but most importantly help our local communities get the help and assistance that they need during this time so that they can be back up and running as soon as possible.”

Some interesting numbers that have already come out of the data are:

  • East Baton Rouge Parish makes up approximately 65% of all COVID-19 calls over the past two weeks.
  • 75% of calls are citizens seeking “Information Only.”
  • The following zip codes (70802, 70805, 70816, 70726, and 70806) account for over 40% of all COVID-19 calls

“With each second that passes, millions of new data points become available and organizations can only be as effective as the data in which their decisions are being based upon. In times of crisis, such as these, it is imperative that data is accurate and timely,” he added.

Vinformatix hopes to continue to explore additional data analysis opportunities with other companies, businesses and non-profits.  “We have found that many of our clients who leverage data analytics to guide decision making feel more informed and confident in their decision making when it’s supported by factual data,” Toussant added.

From working with the EBR Mayor’s Office to analyze community concern calls that included potholes, garbage pick-up and blighted properties to working with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber Quality of Place Committee to assess community perception of Baton Rouge, Vinformatix is always looking forward to how they can make the community we live in a better place. We are so grateful to Vinformatix for sharing their skills and services with United Way and the community at large!

To view the heat map click here.


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