My Experience with the YVC | 1 Volunteer Makes All the Difference

This is a guest post from Youth Volunteer Corps of Baton Rouge member, Mahajebin.

Youth Volunteer Corps of Baton Rouge (YVC) promotes a lifetime service ethic in young people, encouraging a broader sense of responsibility to society. YVC members engage in challenging, rewarding, and educational service projects year round. The flagship summer program consists of multi-day projects with different agencies every week. During the school year, YVC members participate in weekend service projects and national days of service.  Follow @yvcbr on Instagram to see the projects in action, or click here to learn more.

My Experience with YVC

When I first started out with the Youth Volunteer Corps, I was just looking for a way to fill my boring hours of summer. My parents suggested many ideas to me, but the one that struck me most was volunteering. So I went to my local library and dug around for resources to help me find a place to volunteer, and I came across a pamphlet on the YVC. I went to orientation, signed up for my first project, and ended up serving 36 hours that summer! Ever since then I’ve been volunteering with the YVC every year and it has been such a great experience.

As a regular teenager it’s important to know that I have the ability to make a difference in my community, and that I can play a valuable role in it. The Youth Volunteer Corps gives me the opportunity to do these things with kids from any background and social status. Not only does YVC allow me to give back to the beautiful city of Baton Rouge, it also gives me the chance to learn more about it and see the world through a more realistic lens. It is because of YVC that I am more aware of the hunger issue that plagues 1 in 6 people in this state. I’ve gotten to know veterans and doctors who now reside in retirement homes. I’ve even learned how to do the Charleston!

It is so unbelievably rewarding to volunteer with the YVC. I’ve picked up on a multitude of social and situational skills that ultimately help me to become a better person. From everything I’ve learned and all the people I’ve met, I know that the YVC will have a lasting impact on my life for the better.

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