Board Member Q&A | Randy Young

Capital Area United Way is truly a community-driven organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  We want you to meet the great folks who support us with their time, talent and treasure, so we will be spotlighting them throughout the year.  Below is a Q&A with Randy Young.  Randy is an active board member and serves as the Campaign Chair.

Q:  What does LIVE UNITED mean to you?

A:  Working as an attorney with Kean Miller, Live United means all of the people of Louisiana should work together for our State to prosper. The business community needs a vibrant, skilled and educated workforce.  The people of Louisiana need a thriving business community to help provide jobs and support our economy.  It is a two-way street. We all have to work together and support each other. This is what Live United means to me. I am very proud that Kean Miller is part of the 400 companies and 21,000 individual donors who support the Capital Area United Way.  

Q:  What are you most looking forward to in 2017 related to CAUW's work? 

A:  Capital Area United Way just recently implemented a new Community Impact Model that cuts directly to the core of what our community needs - - a focus on education, income stability, healthy living and basic needs.  It’s a great new model that moves in a positive direction to improve our community.  Funding is being provided for 72 programs within 50 local non-profit organizations. However, putting the model in action was just the first step.  We need to continue working closely with our partner organizations to fine-tune the implementation and make it even better for our region.  Also, Capital Area United Way is a leader in working with other agencies to provide relief to our flood victims - - we have the know-how and the processes in place to help people quickly and we need to grow those efforts.   

Q:  Why is the work of CAUW important to the community? 

A:  The strength of Capital Area United Way is in its process and staff, and that makes it all happen.  The process is amazing - - it starts with a grass roots approach of engaging community volunteers to evaluate community needs, it identifies the programs to meet those needs and directs funding to those programs, and just as importantly it tracks and measures accountability of the funded programs to ensure that donors know their contributions are affecting lives.  And, the staff also does a fantastic job of building and emphasizing relationships with partner organizations.  Having this process, and the ability to leverage contributions and support from throughout the community, provides tremendous value to us all. 

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