Resource Development Cabinet

2020-2021 Resource Development Cabinet

The Resource Development Cabinet is comprised of community volunteers from a variety of industries to increase the financial and volunteer resources needed to allow Capital Area United Way to accomplish its mission of improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities. 



Resource Development Chair

Michelle Hardy


Resource Development Vice-Chair & 2021 Resource Development Chair

Dave Luecke


Immediate Past Chair 

Aaron Stanford


Team Leaders


Automotive Team Leader

Nick Pentas


Banking/Credit Unions Team Leader

Robert Scheneckenburger


Chemical and Refinery Team Leader

Marcelo Cornejo


Education Team Leader

Kelli Joseph


Legal Team Leader


Lana Crump


Manufacturing Team Leader

Jackie McCreary


Medical/Hospital/Clinics/Dentistry Team Leader

LaTina Schaffer


Multi-Parish Companies Team Leader

Cheri Ausberry


New Business/Special and Virtual Events Team Leader

Clay Young

Non-Profits Team Leader

Pat Van Burkleo


Restaurant Industry Team Leader


Jim Urdiales


Wealth Management/Financial Co-Team Leaders

John DawesBreaux Nader

Wholesale/Retail/Small Business Team Leader

Bobby Williams


Major Giving/Affinity Groups


Grants/Foundations Team Leader

Kelly Sword Hurtado

Women United Team Leader

Charlene Montelaro