VITA Volunteer Training

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program provides FREE income tax preparation, with a goal of helping underserved individuals and families receive additional financial support, guidance and credits during the tax season.

As a VITA Volunteer, you can help out in several capacities: certified tax preparer, greeter & intake specialist, mobile site specialist, and community resource volunteer. See our volunteer page for more information on each of these roles.


·       All volunteers must complete VITA Volunteer Standards of Conduct Training, which comprises a short quiz on given expectations, best practices, and potential ethical dilemmas that volunteers may encounter. This can be completed online.

·       Tax Preparers, Greeters & Intake Specialists, and Mobile Site Specialists must complete a short training on the VITA Intake & Quality Review processes, which are laid out in an online document. The training includes a short online quiz on this information.

·       Tax Preparers must also complete twelve hours of VITA tax preparation training, and become familiar with the tax software used at our sites. They then certify to IRS standards through an online exam. Training is best done through a combination of at-home practice and in-person training sessions, conducted with the help of our most skilled volunteers, the IRS, and other partners. Tax prep trainings take place at the East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library (7711 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge) throughout January. VITA tax preparers have the option of certifying to either basic or advanced levels, as well as pursuing additional certifications for special tax cases.

·       Community Resource Specialists can attend in person trainings that are tailored to their involvement and specific situation. These trainings help us work out the best way to help our VITA clients!


Prospective or active volunteers can email us at or check out our training schedules for more information or to sign up!


Volunteers can begin their online trainings now:

·       Link & Learn Certification allows volunteers to take their Volunteer Standards of Conduct, Intake & Quality Review, and Basic/Advanced Tax Preparation certification tests.


Complete the account set-up with your role as a VITA Volunteer.  Write down your username and password so that you can access this site later to take your certification exams.


·       The Tax Slayer Pro Practice Lab allows volunteers to practice using the tax prep software utilized in our VITA sites. Prepare practice returns and learn as you go using this simulated VITA learning environment.


Please use the generic password “TRAINPROWEB” to gain access to lab and create an account. Knowing your Site ID Number (SIDN) is not necessary. We encourage you to begin by listening to the videos in Section 4 about preparing a return, and use the practice area to do the practice returns listed at the bottom of the home page.


Contact the VITA team at to pick up your training kit, complete with tax law information, practice scenarios, and exam questions. Don’t forget to sign up for your in-person VITA Trainings here!