Helping the ones in need in the community makes a better community | 1 Volunteer’s Perspective

This is a guest post from a Program Investment Volunteer who evaluated programs in the Prepare for College, Work and Life strategy in the Education focus area.  You can see all strategies in Education by clicking here.
My name is Emily, and I have volunteered on the program investment teams for three years.  I became involved after a friend sent me an email telling me about the opportunity to engage.

If you had all the power in the world, what would you do?

Let’s be honest.  None of us, as individuals, will ever have ALL the power in the world.  But what if we told you that we have found a way to harness that power to change our community for the better?  All it takes is all of us working together as 1.  1 people, 1 community.  

That’s what the Power of 1 United is all about.  We are a movement of people joining together to do one thing that can truly change the world.  At CAUW, starting this blog is one thing we are doing to help you find reasons to make 1 decision that can change everything.