Summer of Service | Lighting a Fire

Meet Emerald and Simone, Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) Team Leaders, who will be spending this summer with young volunteers facilitating and planning projects.  

Emerald has been involved with the YVC program since 2008, when her mom gave her no other choice but to volunteer.  Although her volunteer service started as more of a chore, she quickly fell in love with her community and continued her efforts for others to share in her passion.    “If you are looking for a fun, but rewarding summer join the YVC team in service,” said Emerald.  “Anyone, from 11 to 18 years old can participate.  This program teaches life experiences you won’t get anywhere else, and that is something you can put a price on!”

Simone started her involvement with the YVC program last summer as a temporary Team Leader and decided that she enjoyed it so much she would continue to help with the program throughout the year. She considers because “Often youth feel limited in what they can do, but volunteering is inclusive.  It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you have been, anyone can make a difference through service, “said Simone. “That’s why the YVC program is so important.”


When you think of the Youth Volunteer Corps, think of it as a way of lighting the fire for volunteerism.  Engaging in volunteerism at a young age can promote a lifetime call to service and is the fuel the youth need to invest in a cause, hopefully continuing these efforts and making an impact for the rest of their lives.  Often when youth participate in service projects, this is the first opportunity for them to be exposed to different struggles and challenges in the community.  With this exposure, they begin to see a greater purpose than just themselves and realize how their decision in participating in volunteerism has made a difference.   YVC members engage in challenging, rewarding and educational service projects year round. YVC incorporates Service Learning in our service projects to take it one step further than serving the community, but understanding why our impact is important.

The YVC Summer of Service began on June 2nd, but will continue for 9 weeks.  There will be a variety of projects for volunteers – some a week long, some morning and even evening hours.  The plan is to serve over 2,000 hours in the community through 19 agencies on 63 projects.  A volunteer can volunteer on one project or several as their schedule allows.  

So how can a youth get involved?  It’s very simple, visit and fill out the online registration.  Project listings can also be found here and at any point you can contact the YVC team at or 225-346-5803.