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Your donation to Capital Area United Way accomplishes more than that same donation could accomplish anywhere else. Your donation is combined with those from others to make a real impact on our community’s greatest need; to create a greater good.

Expand your Brand

Your brand gains a target audience of 25,000 donors and hundreds of volunteers in the 10-parish capital region.  In addition the thousands of individuals you can reach through United Way, your brand will also be visible to the area’s largest businesses.

Increase your Impact

United Way is the 1 place that allows your donation to go further to make the greatest impact.  Not only will your brand be expanded, but your reach in the community will be multiplied.

Be a Leader—We need you

Demonstrate that your company is committed to making real, lasting change in the capital area.  

Each day, the average adult makes more than 35,000 decisions. Today, we’re asking you to make just one.  Join Capital Area United Way and do the one thing that can accomplish so much for so many.